Training & Events

The Big Picture: Workforce Planning, Preparation and Performance

Date: 08-Nov-2019

Time: 7.30am - 10.30am

Venue: Perth

Address: Tradewinds Hotel

Price: Complimentary



The emerging characteristics of Australia’s future workforce make them more vulnerable to absenteeism and certain types of occupational injuries. It is important that employers understand these characteristics so they can implement strategies to reduce the risks in their workplaces. This presentation aims to readily tackle emerging issues including an ageing population, employee demographic diversity, and a spiking prevalence of mental health issues across the community.


Participants should expect to gain the following insights with attendance to the session: 
▪ Holistic health considerations factored as workplace risk 
▪ Preparatory models to support response consistency 
▪ People and practices alignment to enable performance


Keynote Speaker: Alasdair Grant

Session Facilitated by Ross Moncrieff


Breakfast included.