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Managing a Psychological Claim

Posted by Frances Johnson on May 17, 2018 5:26:28 PM


Managing a psychological claim can be difficult. The prognosis can be poor, the worker may be reluctant to participate, workplace issues may be present, non-compensable issues may be present and...

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Asbestos Factsheet

Posted by Recovery Partners on Jan 16, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Asbestos is the name given to a group of minerals that occur naturally in the environment as bundles of fibres that can be separated into thin, durable threads. These fibres are resistant to heat,...

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How To Prevent Mould In The Workplace

Posted by Recovery Partners on Jun 9, 2017 2:00:00 PM


Mould is a surprisingly common workplace problem and its presence can predispose workers to the potential health effects. While most moulds are not a major problem, given the opportunity, they...

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Factsheet: Mould at Work

Posted by Recovery Partners on May 30, 2017 2:10:00 PM


Moulds, also known as molds, fungi or mildew, are organisms that belong to the fungi kingdom and are neither plants nor animals. They are commonly found indoors and outdoors. Severe mould growth...

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Factsheet: First Aid – Paracetamol

Posted by Recovery Partners on Oct 4, 2016 10:10:00 AM

Medication, including analgesics such as paracetamol and aspirin, should not be included in first aid kits because of their potential to cause adverse health effects in some people...

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Fact sheet - Avoiding Fatigue

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Aug 9, 2016 3:59:26 PM
Download Recovery Partners complimentary fact on how to identify, address and avoid risks associated with fatigue in the workplace.  Factsheet - Avoiding Fatigue
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Factsheet: Return to Work Coordinator (RTWC)

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Aug 8, 2016 10:29:32 PM

A return to work coordinator is an employee nominated by an employer (or a contractor engaged for the role) whose principal purpose is to assist injured workers to return to work in a safe and...

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Factsheet: Residual Current Devices

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Aug 8, 2016 10:27:38 PM

Residual current devices (RCDs), commonly referred to as ‘safety switches’, are electrical safety devices designed to immediately switch off the supply of electricity when electricity leaking to...

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Factsheet: Employee Assistance Program

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Aug 8, 2016 10:22:59 PM

Employee Assistance Program including Mediation & Debrief Counselling.

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Factsheet: Employees Working from Home

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Aug 8, 2016 10:18:25 PM

An employer’s safety duty extends to employees conducting authorised work from home. In response to demand from clients, Recovery Partners are now able to offer an assessment to assist employers meet...

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