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The New Face of Safety Regulations Across the Nation

Posted by Recovery Partners on Mar 30, 2017 1:30:00 PM

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The Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements are rapidly changing and employers are continuously finding themselves needing to adapt to the newer policies. Fall behind and you risk not complying with the set safety regulations.

The WHS laws are now in effect in all states except Victoria and Western Australia. Employers in Western Australia should brace themselves for changes as the state is currently looking to harmonise WHS into their legal framework (OHS). All the other states are currently awaiting the implementation of the amendments passed in March last year.

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The government aims to introduce balanced and nationally consistent safety legislation across the country. This is so as to help employers understand their legal obligations better and ensure worker's rights are protected. The legislation's mandate employers to ensure work is conducted in a safe manner and to protect workers in the workplace.

Safe Work Australia and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) authorities in are tasked with the responsibility of enforcing the WHS/OHS legislations. Any breach of the laws can result in penalties and fines being imposed on your company.

Over the years, employers have primarily been responsible for workplace safety. Now, that's no longer the case and recently there has been a rise in the implication of individuals in positions of responsibility within organisations. If such individuals neglect their safety duties, they can find themselves faced with jail time.

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