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How to Assess Noise in the Workplace

Posted by Recovery Partners on Aug 31, 2018 3:10:00 PM

 Sound and noise are interchangable terms, sound being what we hear as a result of vibrations travelling though the air and noise is commonly defined as unwanted sound.

When workers or other...

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How to Lower Your Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)

Posted by Recovery Partners on Aug 29, 2018 10:21:59 AM


Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) measures the “loss of shift work wherein any job site injury results in the associated employee missing out on one shift.”  It is believed to indicate...

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The Effects of Obesity on Work, Health and Safety

Posted by Recovery Partners on Aug 23, 2018 2:03:00 PM


Employers have a duty to intervene if it is found that an employee’s obesity is putting his or her health and safety at risk.  However, you cannot go about doing this without understanding all...

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Exercise to Treat Cancer Related Fatigue

Posted by Recovery Partners on Aug 20, 2018 2:36:34 PM

The efficacy of exercise in treating cancer related fatigue

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What You Need to Know About Outsourcing

Posted by Recovery Partners on Aug 9, 2018 4:43:00 PM

 What is Outsourcing?

A business is outsourcing when it delegates work to a third party.  When work is outsourced, the people performing it are not direct employees of the company.

Outsourcing can...

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What Are The 6 Classes of Fire?

Posted by Recovery Partners on Jul 18, 2018 2:38:09 PM

Fire is a major risk for any business. The destruction it can cause and the loss of life is immeasurable. Fire is more complex than people realise because not all fires are alike. Fires are...

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Why Telerehabilitation Is Just As Effective

Posted by Recovery Partners on Jul 16, 2018 5:05:28 PM

The impact of musculoskeletal conditions?

Musculoskeletal conditions affect more than 25% of the worlds population. These conditions have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life...

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How to Minimise the Effects of Fatigue

Posted by Recovery Partners on Jul 6, 2018 2:14:30 PM

How to minimise the effects of fatigue

It’s not just a question of being “a little bit tired”, especially when you’re behind the wheel of a car or operating heavy machinery.  The effects of...

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What is Orebro and What Is It Used For?

Posted by Recovery Partners on Jul 4, 2018 4:48:35 PM


What is Örebro and what is it used for?

The Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire (OMPQ) is a questionnaire that screens patients who may have levels of subacute or acute musculoskeletal...

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The Amazing Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work

Posted by Recovery Partners on Jun 28, 2018 10:45:35 AM
Image: Dotty Brown, Recovery Partners Take Your Day To Work Day 2018
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